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iPlus TV is doing an incredible work of spreading awareness about the true teachings of Islam. However it is major expense to continuous produce high quality programs and broadcast them on 24×7 Satellite Television.
iPlus TV invites you to join us in this noble cause by becoming a subscriber of iPlus TV. iPlus TV is a Free-to-Air channel and anyone can see the channel and its programs without paying any charge. But by becoming a paid subscriber you are supporting iPlus TV to produce more such programs and reach more people. What special benefits you will get as subscribers are mentioned below, but the main benefit cannot be mentioned in words – it you being a part of this great work. We encourage you to come forward and join us.

Come Support iplus TV - by becoming a subscriber help us make more beneficial programs and reach more people.

We need only 5000 Subscriber who can give Rs 10,000 per year to iplus TV. These 5000 Subscribers are going to be the Foundation of iplus TV. Come be one of 5000 and get the great reward of being a part of this great work.

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